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Top 10 holiday gifts from ila

The 2010-2011 ila Product catalog, Volume 1, Plain Text was recently released and hopefully by now, you have received your print copy. The excerpt shown below, from the catalog is being provided here on the blog for you to see the top ten gifts you can give someone you know and love this holiday season.
Pleasant reading and Happy Holidays from the ILA Techie.
The ila TOP 10 Products That Enable Your Active, Independent Life
Top 10 lists are an American tradition. They define the best-of-the-best. It’s in this spirit that we at ila want to share our own Top 10 products that enable your active, independent life. ila customers around the world helped determine our Top 10 products through their purchases and enthusiastic product reviews. We invite you to read and learn about these 10 very special products that enable your active, independent life …and enjoy the best-of-the-best.


There is something about a cordless telephone with extra-big buttons and amplified sound that gives you confidence. Take the receiver to any comfy-cozy place in your home or dial your best friend without squinting or asking for assistance. Best of all, you can converse easier than ever because incoming sound is amplified by 40dB, and each keypad button audibly repeats the letter and number when pushed. The telephone ringer is a real kick – 90dB of amplification that ensures you know the moment a friend calls.
ILA Item: 812307


Let there be light! The best light is natural sunlight. Colors are more vivid and objects are clearly defined. Lamps that best reproduce this light give you superior lighting for reading and craft work. Our CAN-DO Sunlight lamps are stylishly contemporary and deliver light that is closest to natural sunlight. Reading material and hobby crafts are illuminated with brilliant clarity. Choose the model that best suits your needs.
ILA Item: 353827


Do you ever wish you could amplify just the sounds closest to you and reduce the background noise? Now you can! Improve your hearing and improve your life with the Pocketalker® Ultra. It features a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and ease of use. A finger-tip volume control enables you to quickly adjust to your listening environment, whether your hearing loss is low frequency or high frequency sound, and the accessories jack accommodates a variety of earphone and headphone options. The Pocketalker® Ultra highlights the sounds closest to you. That’s a good thing.
ILA Item: 617736


Just because you wear a hearing aid doesn’t mean your conversational forecast can’t be sunny and clear with a good chance of laughter. Designed as an assistive listening device, the LINEAR Blue SLC delivers superior clarity during conversations using Bluetooth® wireless technology. The LINEAR Blue SLC enables you to take phone calls from your mobile phone just by pressing a big, easy-to-see button. No more fumbling with your cell phone and pushing miniscule buttons that you hit three at a time! Enjoy clear conversations and superior audio performance while watching TV, using the computer, and listening to the radio. The device supports 3-way calling so family members and friends can converse your independence with the LINEAR Blue SLC.
ILA Item: 617400


Today, people with vision impairment have a lot of options to enable their active, independent lives. Among the best is the SeeTV 2X aspheric-lens binocular glasses. While full-size TV and computer magnifiers are perfect for many situations, other occasions require magnification that you can take on the road. If you prefer to wear your magnification aid – or to carry it with you – the answer is SeeTV glasses. Designed especially to watch TV, movies, the theater, and sporting events, SeeTV glasses are easy-to-fit, hands-free, binocular, and telescopic. They’re perfect for viewing any object from 10 feet to infinity. If you want to see what inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write of purple mountain majesties in America the Beautiful, these glasses, are the perfect choice!
ILA Item: 810236


ila is the exclusive authorized distributor of Moshi products to the blind and visually impaired community. We’re really excited about this relationship because Moshi is THE name in talking alarm clocks. And this little beauty is a perfect vision of form and function. The Moshi voice controlled talking alarm clock is totally voice controlled. Options are big with Moshi. This talking clock comes packed with features both visual and audible. Watch the color temperature display. It may be RED HOT just as Moshi is the hottest interactive voice response product on the market today! And talk about easy to see! There’s no missing the time with these big, bold, and beautiful numbers.
ILA Item: 247519


Everyone needs a friend! The PenFriend was introduced in 2009 and was an overnight success. One year later, it’s still one of our best sellers. The PenFriend is a voice labeling system that enables users to easily record and re-record information onto self adhesive labels. Simply attach one of the coded, self-adhesive labels to anything you want to label, and record and store your message on the PenFriend. To play back, touch the tip of the PenFriend to the label and it will play your recording. No computer required! The small pen-shaped recorder delivers clear sound reproduction. The PenFriend can also be used as a portable notetaker. The PenFriend is one terrific product for students as well as home use.
ILA Item: 756610


Sometimes – when the stars align just right – a great product is delivered at a very attractive price. That’s the case with our giant-button speaker phone with flashing ringer. This phone doesn’t sing or dance and it doesn’t do magic tricks. But it does do all the basics... and at a price that begs the question: How did they do it? The first thing we noticed was the huge buttons. At 1x1.25 inches with big, bold numbers, you can’t miss them. Literally! You don’t have to worry about hitting the wrong number and misdialing. Then we considered the extras: 10, two-touch speed dials; 3, one-touch speed dials; hold button; last number re-dial; volume control; two-way speaker phone; and a flashing ringer. Whew! If this corded phone came with wings, we’d understand … because it’s flying out of our warehouse. To paraphrase a famous quote, yours is not to question why, yours is just to buy, save, and enjoy!
ILA Item: 186254


Have you noticed how the most expensive, elegant watches are getting away from notches, dots, and other markings where the numbers should be? They’re going back to easy-to-read numbers. Maybe this is one upside to the Boomer generation maturing! And, ila products are as innovative as ever! They are easy to read with bold numbers on white or silver faces and beautiful leather or expansion bands. And they offer a choice of a male or female voice. These men’s and women’s watches can be set with just one button. These watches are gorgeous!
ILA Item: 314200N


ila celebrates a milestone for the Milestone This is it! For 2011, Milestone 312 sits atop the ila product pyramid. Why lug around 10 different products to entertain, organize, and simplify your life when one product – the size of a credit card – does it all? This is the brilliant execution that is Milestone 312. Milestone 312 was born in a land better known for snowcapped peaks and extraordinary timepieces than products for the blind and visually impaired. But leave it to the Swiss to confirm their reputation for putting big features in small packages. Milestone 312 is a superior, all-round audio device that represents a new generation of aids for the visually impaired. With all software extras and add-ons, Milestone 312 incorporates the functionality of 11 different products: Voice Recorder, Music Player, Text-to-Speech Player, NLS Audio Book Player, Radio, Clock, Alarm, Calendar, Organizer, Barcode Reader and Optical Color Reader. In addition to playing NLS books, Milestone 312 plays other formats such as Audible. No matter what you play, Milestone 312 increases or decreases playback and reading speed to conform to your personal preference. Milestone 312 integrates this enormous functionality in a light-weight housing the size of a credit card. You can take the unit and its many possibilities with you wherever you go and make Milestone 312 your daily companion. Software extras available for Milestone 312 include Agenda and Woodscan Barcode Reader. Agenda incorporates advanced technology to deliver a robust calendar that organizes your daily life. Build an extensive calendar that reminds you of appointments, birthdays, and other special events. The Woodscan Barcode Reader reads barcodes from a database of over 1.2 million barcodes. Another terrific add-on is FAME, an optical color reader with precise color resolution. FAME identifies more than 420 colors and is the ideal aid to sort clothes. Milestone 312 contains powerful hardware with room for add-ons. The unit integrates the newest USB 2.0 high-speed connection, guaranteeing rapid access to a computer. The 1GB internal memory is expandable up to 32GB with an optional SD memory card. Let Milestone 312 help you experience a new level of active, independent living. As ila’s Top Product for 2011, Milestone 312 truly enables you to Live Life Magnified!

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