Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Independent Living Aids presents Moshi Interactive Voice Recognition Clock Radio

Stephen Guerra, independent living aids’ assistive technology and technical operations specialist (“the ila techie with the toys to ‘tech’ your world”), is pleased to host the second in a series of webinars on some of ila’s most important new products. These products tend to be more operationally complex and require more technical expertise to set up and use. Stephen is an outstanding teacher who just happens to be blind. He will have you understanding and running the featured ila product in no time. During this particular webinar, Stephen will review ila’s incredible Moshi Voice-Controlled Digital Clock Radio.

About the Moshi Voice-Controlled Digital Clock Radio

Yes, it’s here! It’s arrived! We’ve got it! To say we were inundated with calls and e-mail is an understatement. It’s been a veritable deluge! Moshi’s new digital clock radio is a voice-controlled wunderkind. You can set all the digital clock radio functions with simple spoken commands. Set your wake-up time in a matter of seconds! Dual alarms, 6 station presets, and snooze. Say “Hello!” to the new Moshi. It may just answer you back!

Directions to Participate:

If you are a first-time user of Accessible Event, there is a small, safe software program that you will need to download and then run. Visiting http://www.accessibleevent.com will allow you to install the component needed to participate in this webinar.  All online interactive programs are free of charge and open to anyone worldwide who has an Internet connection, computer, sound card, and speakers. Those with a microphone can ask questions and interact with Stephen.

When you have downloaded the software:

Enter your name and the event code:
If your requiring Captioning, use Event code:

Once you enter the event you will be able to interact with others, providing you have internal or external speakers/headphones and a microphone.

Please note that this presentation is open to just the first 100 attendees who log on.

Call ila today and let us show you how to

Phone: (800) 537-2118

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Independent Living Aids presents Moshi Interactive Voice Recognition Clock Radio
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